Repair Help For 2198597 & WPW10190961 Ice Makers

To Order the Complete 2198597 Ice Maker Assembly


The Whirlpool 2198597 Ice Maker is found in Many Whirlpool, Kenmore KitchenAid, Roper, Estate and Maytag Refrigerators.

2198597 (8-cube) Ice Maker & W10190961 (5-Cube) Ice Maker

There are the 2 Different Ice Makers Used On Models That Have The Ice Dispenser Located In The Freezer Door!
You Either Have An Ice Maker that Makes 8-Cubes Or You Have An Ice Maker That Makes 5-Cubes!

There Are 3 Main Components That Work In Conjunction With Each Other In Order For These Types Of Ice Makers To Produce Ice!

1) Water Solenoid Valve – (Receives The Start & Stop Signal From The Ice Maker When To Allow Water To Fill The Ice Maker)

The W10757851 4389102 Ice Maker Control Boards

(This Component Tells The Ice Maker If The Ice Bin Is Full Or Not), Meaning, If Ice Bin Is Full – The Red LED Beam Will Be Blocked By The Ice Therefore Not Letting The Ice Maker Cycle Any Ice To Be Harvested Until The Red LED Beam is Clear (Ice Is Lower Than The Beam).
2a) A Good Ice Maker Control Board Is Indicated By: A Steady Red Beam When You Open The Freezer Door And Hold The Flipper On The Left Side Wall In.
If You Get A (Blink – Blink – Pause – Blink – Blink – Pause ) Continuously, It Means The Optics Boards Should Be Replaced!

3) Ice Maker – Water In Ice Maker Cavities Is Frozen By Freezer Temp. When Ice Maker Reaches Desired Temp. (Usually Between 0 and 5 Degrees F.) The Thermostat Then Cycles The Heater And Motor To Loosen The Ice In The Mold Cavities and Rotate The Rake To Dump The Ice Into The Bin Followed By Signaling The Water Solenoid Valve To Fill The Ice Maker Cavities With Water). This Completes The Cycle.

How To Test The W10757851 Optics Board

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