How To Test 5303918277 Ice Maker

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The Frigidaire 5303918277 Ice Maker is found in many Frigidaire, Kenmore, Tappan, Westinghouse, Electrolux and Gibson Refrigerators.


When the 5303918277 ice maker reaches 5 degrees, the thermostat closes and the ice maker motor starts turning. Then the heater turns on to loosen the cubes in the mold so they can slide out of the mold. The ejector bar(rake) pushes the ice out of the mold and dumps the ice into the ice bin. The heater turns off as the thermostat opens (due to the temperature rise from the heater). Then the water solenoid valve is sent the signal to let water into the ice maker (if not getting water, make sure to check your water valve). This completes the batch as the motor stops. If any of these steps do not happen, you need to replace the ice maker.

No Ice In The 5303918277 Ice Maker (Not Getting Water):

If your Ice Maker is empty (No Ice or Water in the mold)
This is the ‘EASIEST TEST’ to Perform:
Pour 8oz of water into the ice mold and wait approx. 2 hours to see if the ice dumps.
If the ice dumps: Then the ice maker is good and the freezer temperature is also good.
1. You Will Need To Check Your Water Solenoid Valve or Something Restricting Either the Water Tube Inside the Freezer (Going To The Ice Maker), or the Water Supply Going to your Refrigerator Or Water Filter (if equipped).

If Ice Is In The Ice Maker But Does Not Dump The Ice:

A. Make sure that the wire arm is all the way down. (the wire arm is connected to the shut-off switch of the ice maker)
B. Check temp. of the freezer to see if it 5 degrees or colder. If not, set the Freezer Temp. Colder. (Ice Maker will not Cycle Unless 5 degrees F or colder).
C. If Freezer Temp. is between 5 – 0 Degrees F (then usually that means that the Ice Maker Thermostat or Motor is Bad). Replace The Ice Maker.
D. If the ejector bar(rake) is hitting the ice, but not pushing the ice out, It usually means that the heater is bad. Replace the ice maker.