Maytag WP2198633 Optics Flipper PS329980


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Maytag WP2198633 Optics Flipper PS329980

For Models With The Vertical Ice Bucket In The Freezer Door.
Mounted At The Upper Left Side Of Freezer Door to Jamb Area.
Used For Whirlpool Built Refrigerators With The Vertical Ice Dispenser In The Freezer Door (This Flipper used with W10757851 4389102 Ice Level Boards).
Replaces Part Numbers: 2198633, AP6006176, PS11739242, AH11739242, EAP11739242, 826485, AH329980, AP3037562, EAP329980, PS329980.

Installing the WP2198633 Flipper

  • Turn off the power supply to the optics boards by pushing the switch (located on the wall just below the ice maker) to the off position.
  • The flipper is attached to the Receiver Cover on the left side (Freezer Door Operates it when opens and closes).
  • To remove the receiver board cover and flipper assembly you will need to remove the 3 screws attaching it to freezer wall.
  • Unplug the receiver wire harness and put assembly on table.
  • Flipper is held in place with a Pin and Lock Nut attached thru a spring.
  • Use a thin flat screwdriver or butter knife to slide the lock nut off the pin.
  • While holding the flipper closed, gently pull pin out of the assembly and turn over. (Do not let go of the old flipper) until you are ready to gently replace with the new one.
  • With new flipper in place and being held, turn assembly over so the pin can be pushed back in place.
  • Push lock nut all the way in place onto pin.
  • Check action of flipper and make sure it opens and closes correctly.
  • Reinstall receiver cover and flipper assembly by connecting wire harness and reinstalling mounting screws.
  • Turn on the power supply to the optics boards by pushing the switch (located on the wall just below the ice maker) to the on position.

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